MacG On Receives Applause After Declining Gagasi FM’s Offer

MacG stirred up online chatter when he revealed his outright rejection of a job offer from Gagasi FM.

During a recent installment of his Podcast and Chill series, the provocative host disclosed that despite being approached for a position, he declined without even reviewing the terms and conditions.

This refusal followed closely on the heels of the Penny Ntuli controversy. Penny publicly disclosed her meager payment of R2,800 for her presenting role at the station. Despite her efforts to negotiate a higher salary, she ultimately decided to depart. This revelation sparked widespread criticism of the station’s pay practices across South Africa. Penny eventually accepted a better offer, securing a broadcasting position at Jozi FM.

For MacG, Penny’s experience served as a decisive factor in his decision-making process regarding Gagasi FM. His revelation garnered applause from his supporters, many of whom remarked that the station couldn’t meet his standards.

As the host and proprietor of Podcast and Chill, MacG continues to thrive in his endeavors


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