Big Zulu Buys Truck & BMW as Birthday Gift

Contrary to expectations of lavish parties and expensive indulgences, Big Zulu chose a different path to celebrate his birthday this year. Instead of extravagant festivities, the renowned singer opted to invest in productive ventures, purchasing a truck and a BMW car.

In South Africa, the haulage business stands as one of the most thriving industries. Despite its challenges, it offers substantial returns on investment, making it an attractive option for artists like Big Zulu. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry and the fleeting nature of fame, he wisely directs his resources towards more stable ventures.

Born on April 7, 1986, Big Zulu stands as one of South Africa’s most prominent rappers and songwriters. With millions of streams across his catalog, he continues to make waves in both local and international music circles.

His latest album, “NGises’Congweni,” has quickly risen to prominence, ranking among the top projects in the country. Through his strategic investments and ongoing musical success, Big Zulu sets an example of financial prudence and long-term planning in an industry known for its volatility.


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