DJ Merlon Constructs Solar-Powered Classrooms and Computer Lab for Tobi HP School

DJ Merlon Constructs Solar-Powered Classrooms and Computer Lab for Tobi HP School

Contributing to public infrastructure and supporting those in need is a meaningful way to give back to society. DJ Merlon, through his DJ Merlon Foundation, has initiated the construction of a solar-powered classroom at Tobi HP School in Umbumbulu, situated south of Durban.

Upon completion, the newly constructed facility will feature a solar-powered smart classroom alongside a fully equipped computer laboratory. Recognizing the deficiency of modern amenities in many rural schools, DJ Merlon aims to bridge this gap through his upcoming charitable endeavor at Tobi HP School.

“First time I got access to the computer was at university level and we had to pay people to type assignments for us because we didn’t know how to use computers. It brings me much joy and excitement as I take on this charity project, giving back to the community, ensuring that today our little brothers and sisters get exposed to computers and modern day technology at primary school levels.” – DJ Merlon said as he begins with the classroom foundation.

DJ Merlon first visited Tobi HP School in May of 2022. After some school tour, he noticed some decaying structure and immediately began renovations after meeting with some friends, business partners and family members.

“On Friday (May, 2022) I took some time off to visit a primary school I went to (Tobi HP School) in Umbumbulu South of Durban. My current position requires me to be more than an artist but also a role model and a leader of the next generation. Upon my arrival, they gave me a warmest welcome and performed various acts for me. I did a mini school tour and noticed my grade 6 classroom was no longer in use and in no good condition; I made few calls to friends,family members and my business associates: and on the spot we adopted that classroom as our small project, soon it will be renovated into being an advanced classroom for maths and science with all necessities. Furthermore; we left our kids smiling after presenting them with sports gear and training equipment”. – DJ Merlon.

DJ Merlon is an alumni of Tobi HP School.


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