MashBeatz & Wordz ft Mellow & Sleazy – Where the Og’s

MashBeatz Where the Og’s Mp3 Download

MashBeatz and Wordz team up with Mellow & Sleazy to bring you the electrifying track “Where the OG’s.” This collaboration combines the distinctive talents of all four artists, resulting in a high-energy anthem that commands attention.

“Where the OG’s” features powerful verses from Wordz, complemented by the dynamic production skills of MashBeatz. Mellow & Sleazy add their signature flair, infusing the track with their unique sound and vibrant energy. The result is a compelling blend of sharp lyrics, infectious beats, and a captivating rhythm that pays homage to the legends of the game.

Listen to “Where the OG’s” and experience the exceptional synergy between MashBeatz, Wordz, Mellow & Sleazy. This track is a testament to their collective artistry and a must-listen for fans of innovative and impactful music.


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