Langa Mavuso’s Mother Experienced a Carjacking, Abduction, and Was Later Located Following a 9-Hour Search

South African musician Langa Mavuso recently shared a harrowing ordeal involving his mother, who was subjected to a carjacking, abduction, and later located following a frantic nine-hour search.

The thought of a loved one facing such danger is chilling. Langa Mavuso turned to the X app to disclose the terrifying events that unfolded on Tuesday, April 16, around 7 pm, in the Mondeor Power Park area.

In a plea for assistance, he wrote, “If you witnessed a hijacking in the Mondeor area yesterday afternoon, please DM ME. My mom and her car were last located in the Power Park area around 7 pm last night.”

Despite seeking aid from Tracker SA, their services proved futile, leaving Langa feeling helpless and enraged. He expressed his frustration, questioning how he could rest knowing his mother’s whereabouts remained unknown.

However, after a grueling nine-hour search, Langa’s mother was discovered in Naturena, albeit without her belongings, which were seized by the hijackers.

“God has been kind to us,” Langa expressed gratitude, acknowledging the support and prayers received during the ordeal. Despite the ordeal, he remained thankful for the safe return of his mother”


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