9umba & Musical Xhepard ft ilovelethu, Nathaniel, Tizzy101 & Jadenfunky – Desire

9umba - Yourself First (Stream Mp3)

9umba – Desire (Stream Mp3)

9umba Desire: “Desire” emerges as a captivating collaborative effort from South African talents 9umba and Musical Xhepard, featuring ilovelethu, Nathaniel, Tizzy101, and Jadenfunky. This track offers a melodic journey through pulsating beats and soulful vocals, capturing the essence of desire in its various forms.

From the onset, “Desire” envelops listeners with its richly layered production, seamlessly blending elements of amapiano and Afro-house. 9umba and Musical Xhepard exhibit their prowess as producers, creating an entrancing soundscape that serves as the perfect backdrop for the vocalists’ performances.

ilovelethu, Nathaniel, Tizzy101, and Jadenfunky each bring their unique vocal stylings to the track, adding depth and dimension to the song. Their emotive delivery and heartfelt lyrics convey the intensity of desire, exploring themes of love, longing, and passion.

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