9umba, Inter B & Draad ft Jadenfunky – Ng’yazfela

9umba - Ng'yazfela (Stream Mp3)

9umba – Ng’yazfela (Stream Mp3)

9umba Ng’yazfela: “Ng’yazfela” emerges as a soulful collaboration between South African artists 9umba, Inter B, and Draad, featuring the vocal talents of Jadenfunky. This track delivers a heartfelt exploration of love and longing, set against a backdrop of mesmerizing beats and emotive melodies.

Right from the start, “Ng’yazfela” captivates listeners with its hypnotic rhythm and atmospheric production. 9umba, Inter B, and Draad showcase their collective expertise as producers, creating a sonic landscape that is both immersive and evocative.

Jadenfunky’s vocals add another layer of depth to the track, with his soulful delivery and heartfelt performance infusing the song with emotion and sincerity. His lyrics speak of the pain of longing for a lost love, capturing the raw intensity of heartbreak and longing.

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