Shakes & Les & DBN Gogo ft Zee Nxumalo, Ceeka RSA & Chley – Funk 55

Shakes – Funk 55 Stream Mp3

“Funk 55” by Shakes & Les & DBN Gogo featuring Zee Nxumalo, Ceeka RSA & Chley is a vibrant and energetic collaboration that infuses elements of funk and dance music, creating a dynamic and infectious groove.

From the outset, the song immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its funky bassline and pulsating rhythm. Shakes & Les & DBN Gogo’s masterful production sets the stage for a high-energy musical experience, while the addition of Zee Nxumalo, Ceeka RSA & Chley’s vocals adds layers of depth and texture to the track.

“Funk 55” is a song that invites listeners to let loose and dance the night away. The lyrics are playful and catchy, encouraging listeners to embrace the moment and enjoy the music to the fullest. Zee Nxumalo, Ceeka RSA & Chley’s spirited vocals complement the upbeat vibe of the song, adding to its infectious charm.

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