Omit ST, Sipho Magudulela & Jessica LM – Ngaphakathi ft. Buhle Sax

Omit ST – Ngaphakathi (Stream Mp3)

“Ngaphakathi” sees Omit ST, Sipho Magudulela, and Jessica LM collaborating with the talented Buhle Sax to deliver a soul-stirring track that transcends genres and touches the heartstrings of listeners.

Right from the outset, “Ngaphakathi” enchants with its serene melodies and emotive instrumentation. Buhle Sax’s saxophone adds a layer of depth and elegance to the song, setting a contemplative tone that resonates throughout.

Omit ST, Sipho Magudulela, and Jessica LM’s vocals blend seamlessly, their harmonies weaving a captivating narrative that speaks of introspection and self-discovery. Their performances are soulful and evocative, drawing listeners into the emotional journey of the song.

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