Djy Zan SA – Zan SA’s BDAY Mix

Djy Zan SA - Zan SA's BDAY Mix (Stream and Listen)

Djy Zan SA – Zan SA’s BDAY Mix (Stream and Listen)

The birthday of every Amapiano producer or deejay always comes with some goodies. For Djy Zan SA, it’s a lavish BDAY Mix and it’s truly a melodic bliss.

While the scene in San Diego might be dominated by established veterans and lately, there are a number of young and rising artists who continue to work their ass off to bring something fresh and exciting. And Djy Zan SA is one of such act. Since his burst into the Amapiano mainstream, he’s been consistent in dropping bangers and today, he treat us with some of his newest inventory via this Birthday mixtape.

This birthday mixtape has a runtime of 44:00 and it is compilation of those experimental sounds that have become a known entity on Djy Zan SA’s recent releases. This tape has a lot of answers to your questions about the soundscapes of the emerging producer.

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