Jovislash Unveils His Latest Album Titled ‘Kaffirs”




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Listen to ‘Kaffirs’ by Jovislash

Jovislash‘s latest album, “Kaffirs,” delves deep into the struggles faced by the black community, vividly portraying the harsh realities of the Apartheid era and the ongoing challenges of thriving in a society that often works against them.

The album opens with the evocative track “Intro,” setting the tone with dramatic sounds echoing the struggles of individuals attempting to cross South Africa’s borders. Transitioning seamlessly, “Amakwerekwere” continues the narrative, with Jovislash expressing remorse for unintentionally intruding into another’s homeland, highlighting the difficulty of immigrating to South Africa.

In “Clever Blacks,” Jovislash delves into the complexities of being a black individual navigating predominantly white spaces, underscoring that regardless of environment, one’s identity remains unchanged. “Landless” features the first guest appearance on the album, with Froz posing the poignant question, “whose land is this?” Amidst societal challenges, Froz emphasizes the disillusionment with government leadership, symbolized by the meager R350 grant, suggesting a lack of genuine support for the marginalized.

Through “Kaffirs,” Jovislash masterfully weaves together storytelling and social commentary, shedding light on the enduring struggles and resilience of the black community in South Africa.

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