ALBUM: Big Zulu – Ngises’Congweni

Big Zulu – Ngises’Congweni (Stream Album)

Big Zulu Ngises’Congweni: South African rap sensation Big Zulu makes a bold statement with his latest album, “Ngises’Congweni”, a powerful and emotionally charged collection of tracks that solidifies his position as one of the most compelling voices in the industry.

From the moment the album kicks off, listeners are drawn into Big Zulu’s world, where raw emotion meets hard-hitting beats. With his distinctive flow and razor-sharp lyricism, Big Zulu delivers verse after verse that cuts straight to the heart, addressing themes of identity, heritage, and social justice with unflinching honesty.

One of the standout tracks on the album is the title track, “Ngises’Congweni”, where Big Zulu’s impassioned delivery is matched by a haunting melody and powerful production. The song serves as a rallying cry for pride and unity among the Zulu people, showcasing Big Zulu’s ability to blend traditional sounds with contemporary influences.

Throughout the album, Big Zulu demonstrates his versatility as an artist, effortlessly switching between introspective ballads and hard-hitting anthems. Tracks like “Iyazenza Lento” and “Umuzi eSandton” showcase Big Zulu’s storytelling prowess, painting vivid portraits of life in South Africa’s townships and urban centers.

Collaborations with fellow artists add depth and dimension to the album, with guest appearances from some of the biggest names in South African music. From the soulful vocals of Zahara on “Umndeni” to the rapid-fire rhymes of Zakwe on “Ama Million,” each collaboration brings something unique to the table, showcasing Big Zulu’s ability to collaborate with a diverse range of talent.


1 Big Zulu – Ngises’Congweni ft. Umfoka Msezane

2 Big Zulu – Home Sweet Home ft. Inkabi Nation

3 Big Zulu – Kade Ngikhala

4 Big Zulu – Yek’Intokozo

5 Big Zulu – Ngicela Ukuphumelela ft. Zakwe

6 Big Zulu – iNsuku Ezinhle Nezimbi ft. Mnqobi Yazo

7 Big Zulu – iKhaya Lakithi ft. Ugatsheni

8 Big Zulu – Awufuni Ukung’Qoma

9 Big Zulu – Ingulube Yami

10 Big Zulu – Ngyazama Ngyahluleka

11 Big Zulu – Zehlise Makhwapheni ft. Mlindo The Vocalist

12 Big Zulu – Unkomo Z’banjiwe

13 Big Zulu – Ungenz’iBank ft. Makhadzi

14 Big Zulu – Ayina Cala Ingane ft. Makhadzi

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