Write Articles & Earn Money (Steemit)

Steemit, A platform that can make your dreams come true..

A while ago, our platform shared a steemit banner to help people earn money through their freewrite and innovative ideas. Steemit as a community has been helpful over the years and is still helping people get to their destination.

Steemit is a blockchain base blogging website without borders, a social network that is owned and operated by its users. It is very similar to reddit, where you can share articles and get reward called (Steem coin) which is a cryptocurrency.

Steem is a cryptocurrency use to power this incentivise blockchain social media platform (Steemit), tho there are other rewards like (Steem dollar, steempower) but the fundamental unit of account on this blockchain is steem. It can be converted to bitcoin.. You can watch video to get full description.

A community in steemit (Promosteem) has been helpful over the years in promoting steem which am motivated by its user @stephenkendal in doing so to.. This communities sole aim is to see steemit reach to the ends of the earth. You can joint the community by clicking this link

How To Join Steemit:

Just like every normal platform, you only need to sign up and provide all the details required, then you are ready to start writing articles and earning money. Click link to sign up LINK

See you at the top !!!!

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