SA Rapper, Emtee Contemplates About His Next Business Venture


SA Rapper, Emtee Contemplates About His Next Business Venture

SA Rapper, Emtee Contemplates About His Next Business Venture : Emtee Contemplates About His Next Business Venture. South African hip hop star, Emtee is one of the SA rappers who have never stopped pursuing their dreams even when he went through rough tides, The musician had difficulties with his former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, but he was motivated to launch his own empire in Emtee Records.

With his Records operating in full swing, Emtee is considering his next business venture. Taking to Twitter, The self-proclaimed ‘Big CEO’ revealed that he wants to own a football club. “I wanna own a football team,” tweeted Emtee. The rapper has not revealed much about how he is going to achieve this. The most important thing is that he has made it known to his fans about the idea he might bring to fruition.

This is not the first time Emtee has talked about investing in sports management. During an interview with Drum Magazine, the rapper revealed that he has plans to sign professional athletes to Emtee Records as their media agency. As it stands it looks like the rapper is still sticking to his plans.

“My dream is to help and discover fresh new talent and I would love to venture into sports management. Maybe sign a few pro athletes to Emtee records as their Media Agency and lastly to own a union for the rights of all creatives in our continent.” He said.

Emtee said that despite everything he has gone through in his music career, he still has a lot of obstacles to overcome in the future and he will keep pushing himself. “I have grown in my career in a way that I am able to endure the pain, hurt and disappointment and never lose my belief in the goodness of people no matter who did what to me. I have also grown to learn that I have no competition and what motivates me is myself. I beat so many odds. I’m still trying to beat some.” Said Emtee.

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