SA Music producer, DJ Sliqe Reveals NOTA’s Contribution To The “Do Like I Do Remix”

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SA Music producer, DJ Sliqe Reveals NOTA’s Contribution To The “Do Like I Do Remix”

Talented musician, NOTA has experienced backlash for some of his comments, whether on Twitter or in podcast interviews. Every time he says something about South African hip hop, the music mogul erupts never ending discussions, with some applauding his brilliant mind and others rebuking him.

Speaking on Choppin’ It With Bhuda T Podcast, DJ Sliqe emerged as one of the SA hip hop artists to give NOTA his flowers. The famed hip hop DJ revealed the crucial role Baloyi played leading up to the making of one of his biggest tracks “Do Like I Do.”

Talented music deejay, DJ Sliqe stated that NOTA was always there for him during the early days of his career pushing him to enhance his hip hop career. “I’m gonna have to plug NOTA because he was the one advising me, he really did plug me as a kid,” he said.

Sliqe added that the Do Like I Do Remix was the result of NOTA’s relationships with the people at Sony.”And then NOTA went to Bradley at Sony and said there is this hip hop kid he can do it, he can be the first DJ to do things of hip hop.” “Then Bradley said bring him, and that’s how the remix happened,” he said.

The music executive took to Twitter to express his gratitude to DJ Sliqe for appreciating what he did for him and his music career. “Nothing hurts more than to never have the sacrifices I’ve made taken for granted. I assisted @Sliqe to become self-sufficient & to have a sustainable with the only expectation that he assists others in return. Thank you for giving me my flowers brothers. I’m thanking you again now!” Tweeted NOTA.

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