Riky Rick On How He Benefited from Attending Private Schools

Riky Rick On How He Benefited from Attending Private Schools: Attending a private school is goo thing that can happen to any body though not everyone can afford it.

In Africa, a child is said to be Lucky when he/she attends a private School.Every parent want their child to get the best education but the financial struggles don’t allow most.

What the aforementioned statement proves is that if you in poverty the quality of your education will be basic and limited. When attending a private school you grasp way much more in a short period of time.

Riky Rick confronted the issue of a long gap in education while highlighting his gratitude for attending private school.

“I never fully appreciated the sacrifice my parents made to send me to a private school, I honestly took my time there for granted. This situation is making my heart sore. Praying we fix the education gap in South Africa someday. Every child deserve good schooling”.

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