Kid Tini Clears The Rumor That Ambitiouz Entertainment Demanded R5 Million From Him & Repossessed His Car

On one of the most recent hot news that opened up to the world this previous end of the week Kid Tini was accounted for as another rapper who needed to leave record name Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The reports proceeded to express that the supervisor of the stable Kgosi has requested R5 Million from Kid Tini and repossessed his vehicle. Responding to the news Tini demonstrated how it was absolute manufacture, in certainty he dismissed the news. He inferred that he doesn’t have a vehicle, same thing Sjava once whined about.

“S Mill? What Car??? Y’all Just making shit up now!” he wrote to clarify the news.

In the event that Kid Tini leaves AE he will be included to the rundown of 7 different artists who left from the stable including Areece, Emtee, Priddy terrible, Gigi Laymayne, Amanda Black and Fifi Cooper.

Leaving for the previously mentioned artistes wasn’t smooth in any way. Truth be told, Reece and Emtee said on a couple of meetings how the AE proprietor requested Millions of brands from them when they left. Emtee had his autos and house repossessed yet denied that it had anything to do with the mark proprietor.

What’s more Sjava and Saudi have prodded leaving the mark from the perspectives they express freely of it.

Kid Tini has never offered any expression yet glancing back at how with different rappers it started with theories at that point finished off with certainties which demonstrated how miserable most specialists have been, one can anticipate more.

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