#IdolsSA: Somizi Slammed For “Disrespecting” Lloyiso

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Somizi Slammed For “Disrespecting” Lloyiso

Somizi Slammed For “Disrespecting” Lloyiso : There is no end to the drama one witnesses sporadically on the set of the reality show Idols SA. However, the drama that took place over the weekend is still fresh in the memory of those who witnessed it.

Thapelo is one of the contestants on the show and has shown remarkable staying power, eventually making it to the top four. Over the weekend, Thapelo had performed Lloyiso Macdonald’s song “Seasons” and impressed the judges and fans alike.

Top Star Somizi, the senior judge on the show, noted that Thapelo had performed the song “better than the original version” owned by Lloyiso.

His verdict provoked many social media users, some of whom denounced Somizi for “disrespecting” Lloyiso. According to others, Thpelo might be a good singer, but he isn’t as good as Lloyiso. You can check out some of the comments below.

At the time of writing, though, Lloyiso had said nothing about the alleged disrespect he had in the hands of Somizi. It’s unclear if he would ever respond.

For Thapelo, however, it shows that he actually has got a great singing gift and has found favour with one of the judges. But, of course, it might not translate to victory at the end of the day.

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