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Jazzuelle - Dyson Sphere

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Jazzuelle Rogue Album is the new Deep House music project by the top South African producer, Jazzuelle. The album “Rogue” was promoted with 3 singles and its made up of 12 amazing songs with features by KVRVBO, Dwson, Tebza De Soul, Zito Mowa, and others.


  • Jazzuelle – Chaos Theory (Compositions Of Now)
  • Jazzuelle – Catching Fire
  • Jazzuelle – Convergence
  • Jazzuelle – Talking Walls (feat. KVRVBO)
  • Jazzuelle – The Last Dance (feat. Simeon)
  • Jazzuelle – Delusions Of Grandeur (feat. Chronical Deep)
  • Jazzuelle – Sapphire (feat. Tebza De Soul)
  • Jazzuelle – Dyson Sphere (feat. Dwson)
  • Jazzuelle – Syzygy (feat. Simeon)
  • Jazzuelle – Genius Frequency (feat. Jas Artchild)
  • Jazzuelle – Bees Are Left Handed (feat. Zito Mowa)
  • Jazzuelle – X Files (feat. Sand Isle)


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